Monster High Costumes

Monster High CostumesMonster High Costumes and Monster High Halloween Costumes are a must have for Halloween this year. Monster High Costumes are perfect for a regular costume party or for Halloween.

Each Monster High Costume is based on the original release Monster High Dolls. Monster High Dolls have become so popular due to each doll having a different personality. Most girls will feel drawn to one particular doll over another not just because of looks but because of their character. Other dolls are not based on characters and that’s the difference.

You can choose between any one of the teen daughters from famous legendary monsters while still looking really cool. So this year ditch the witch and toast the Ghost because Monster High Costumes are what we’ve all been waiting for.

Monster High Costumes do not include the wig. The wigs must be purchased separately to complete the outfit.



Frankie Stein is one of the more popular Monster High Dolls, she is the daughter of Frankenstein and is 15 years old. Her main costume consists of a plaid black and white dress. You could use a skirt and team it with a different top. If you add some long sleeved fishnet fingerless gloves and add the polka dot tie you have a similar outfit. Frankie Stein has a handbag and black shoes. With the wig, neck bolts and the right makeup with a green tinge you are very much a great version of Frankie Stein Monster High Doll.

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Frankie Stein Costume Frankie Stein Wig

You might want to include shoes, neck bolts and Frankie Stein’s Handbag to complete the look. Please Click The Images Below

Monster High Frankie Stein Handbag Frankie Stein Shoes Frankie Stein Neck Bolts

How To Do Frankie Stein Makeup



Clawdeen Wolf is a fun and easy costume to replicate. Clawdeen Wolf is the daughter of The Werewolf and is 15 years old. Once again if you start off with the wig then the rest is easy. You only really need a purple skirt teamed with a zebra striped top. A fur collared jacket  and studded belt will come in handy. Add to that the long purple and black striped socks and you’ve got Clawdeen Wolf.

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Clawdeen Wolf Costume Clawdeen Wolf Wig

How To Do Clawdeen Wolfs Makeup



Draculaura only needs a white pleated skirt with a white shirt with lace collar. Put a pink vest over the shirt and add fishnets and boots. Once you put on the wig and do the makeup the whole look will come together. I think you should also put in some vampire fangs. Draculaura is the daughter of Count Dracula, she’s 1599 years old but looks amazing!!

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Draculaura Costume Draculaura Wig

How To Do Draculaura’s Makeup



Cleo De Nile is a little bit harder to create as she wears an outfit made from bandages. Cleo De Nile is the daughter of The Mummy. You could of course wrap bandages around your legs but it probably wouldn’t look very nice. Fortunately there is a complete Cleo De Nile outfit you can buy as well as a wig. That really helps all those Cleo De Nile fans.

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Cleo De Nile Costume Cleo De Nile Wig

How To Do Cleo De Nile’s Makeup



Lagoona Blue is also a bit harder to create as she wears a fish scale print shirt worn under a jacket that also has fish scales on it. Lagoona Blue is the daughter of a Sea Monster. The Lagoona Blue Monster High Doll has fins on her legs. Luckily there is a Lagoona Blue outfit and a Lagoona blue wig. Lagoona Blue is a lot of fun to be and don’t forget there are a few versions of Lagoona Blue. The Dawn Of The Dance version is nice and if you’re handy with the sewing machine then you could easily make that outfit.

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Lagoona Blue Costume Lagoona Blue Wig

How To Do Lagoona Blue’s Makeup



Ghoulia Yelps is the daughter of Zombies from the Zombie movie Night of The Living Dead. Unfortunately there isn’t a Ghoulia Yelps costume available yet but you can put one together yourself and it’s not that hard. Ghoulia Yelps is one of my favorites and fortunately it’s quite easy to put together a costume for her. The main thing is the red trousers and boots. Just wear any red jeans or whatever you can find and tuck them into long black boots add a piano key belt.  I’ve included some boots below where you could paint the toe white and thread red laces in them to make them the same as Ghoulia’s. Wear fingerless fishnet gloves and add one of your own tops/sweaters and put a smaller top over that. The main thing is the long blue hair and glasses which is Ghoulia Yelps trademark.


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Ghoulia Yelps Blue Wig Ghoulia Yelps Long Blue Wig Ghoulia Yelps Glasses
Ghoulia Yelps Red Jeans Ghoulia Yelps Belt Ghoulia Yelps Boots

How To Do Ghoulia Yelp’s Makeup