Monster High Cakes

Monster High Cakes are probably the most important part of any Monster High Party. There are so many designs you can choose from, it’s just a matter of using your imagination. As long as you have the color scheme right which is pink, black, white and a turquoise blue. It’s all in the way you decorate your cake. By adding Monster High Dolls and accessories around the cake you will be amazed at how the theme comes alive. Having everyone arrive in their favorite Monster High Costume is also a big part of the success and fun of any Monster High Party.

I’ve searched around the internet and come up with a few examples of different Monster High cakes that have all been hand made for a girl’s birthday party. It doesn’t matter if it’s one giant slab, layers or one cake on top of the other. Cupcakes work well too.

Monster High Cake 1 Monster High Cake 2

As you can see the two above cakes are different color schemes but they both work really well!

More fantastic cake ideas below. Just click on the image to go directly to the website where further explanations on how to create each cake are given.

Monster High Cake 3 Monster High Cake 4
Monster High Cake 5 Monster High Cake 6

The ideas are endless when it comes to making your very own Monster High Cake. I hope these pictures have helped to give you some ideas. Below are coffin cake pans and cipcake toppers that might come in handy when making your Monster High Cake. Please Click On Images Below

Monster High Cupcake Toppers Coffin Cake Pan Mini Coffin Pans

Have fun with your Halloween or Birthday Party by making your very own unique Monster High Cake.










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